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Cellcom is the leading Israeli Cellular company.


Cellcom entered the market in 1994, and over the last decade, thanks to our vision, the Israeli cellular market has undergone a complete metamorphosis. Transforming the cellular phone from a luxury item for the few, into a "must- have" for the masses.

Today, Cellcom provides services to more than 3 million subscribers representing 34% market share.


Cellcom operates UMTS/HSDPA, GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks. Our advanced technological infrastructure allows us to offer our subscribers many value added services including nationwide video streaming services, JAVA games, Multi Media Messages and more. In addition, we offer a wide range of wireless communication services to both the private and business sectors including virtual private network (VPN), global roaming, voice-activated dialing, conference calling, content and multimedia services.

We deployed a national broadband optical transmission infrastructure which enables us to provide fixed telephony and data communication to our business customers.


Cellcom has launched commercial roaming services with more than 490 GSM networks in more than 170 countries and locations worldwide


Cellcom roaming services


During your stay, Cellcom invites you to take advantage of its state-of-the-art roaming capabilities, so that you can maintain close contact with family, friends and colleagues, both in Israel and abroad.


Choosing Cellcom

While in Israel choosing Cellcom on your handset is quite easy:

1.Turn on your mobile phone

2.Choose "network selection"

3.Cick "Manual"

4.Select 1102 0r 425-02 or Cellcom il

To enjoy Cellcom's top-notch service, verify your phone is on the Cellcom network, prior to making a call. 

Cellcom Services

With Cellcom, you'll always feel at home.
Use your familiar home-network short codes to access home network services, such as voice mail and customer service.
Cellcom makes roaming with your mobile phone a breeze.

Cellcom Customer Service

Dial your regular short code for your customer service, as you do at home.
For additional information you may contact Cellcom's customer service :Dial *123 

Data Services

While you roam on Cellcom's network you can enjoy data services such as 3G,GRPS, CSD, HSCSD.

Using these services enables you to access the Internet, Intranet, WAP services and video call.

For additional details please contact Cellcom's customer service by dialing *123 or your  home-network's custumer service number.

*Service is given according to term and service areas